tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2014

I love coffee

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  1. Ihanan herkulliset kuvat! Pitäisi saada oikeesti aikaiseksi lähteä kahville vaihtamaan kuulumisia jossain välissä kun työputkikiiruudet helpottaa!

  2. Hi again you coffee addict (in German we have the word 'Kaffeetante', literally translated into 'coffee aunt' - is there someting similiar in Finnish???)
    You already enjoyed the pleasures of springtime in Greece. Was this photo taken in a 'Kafenion', a typical Greece coffee house or bar? the last time I was in Greece was 1996 on the island of Crete, but my parents regularly travel to Greece with their camper. So I know many stories about this special country... ;-)

    1. I don't find any coffee aunt-word, but we call "kahvikissa", literally translated into " coffee cat"! And yes man, I really am caffee addict :D But I drink much tea too.

      In Athens is really cool coffee houses, I loved them!

      You funny man, come back again to visit in my blog :) Thanks for coming here and sharing comments!